Daily Recap: 5 Great Ideas From The Launch Of The Global EDU Summit

Global News: The Global EDU Summit launched today with global optimism, great ideas, and practical EdTech solutions for educators around the world. Check out 5 great ideas from our speakers including Laurie Forcier, Global Content Officer, Learnit - @laurie_forcier, and Professor Bill Lucas, Director: Centre for Real-World Learning - @LucasLearn

Did you miss the live sessions? No problem! You can access recordings on-demand at SMART360.

5 Great Ideas From The Launch Of The Global EDU Summit 

Now is the time to create active learning experiences like never before and connect with students - no matter where they are. This is the focus for the Global EDU Summit, which will continue thru January 29th (check out the schedule of keynotes and workshops planned). Here are 5 great ideas that came from today's launch. Follow #SMART360 for more.

1. The Movement To Rethink Assessment Is Happening Now

"For some, assessment has become a ‘dirty’ word. If we can rethink it and reimagine it, it’s a really powerful word." -  Bill Lucas @ the launch of the Global EDU Summit

High-stakes assessment practices are a growing source of frustration across education. Many young people find assessments overwhelmingly stressful, and not a good barometer of their learning. Employers decry the mismatch between what is measured, and what they need.  Learn more about the movement to rethink assessment from Professor Bill Lucas @LucasLearn.

2. Now Is The Time For Creativity In Assessment

"The conversation around assessment was already rich, but it now feels like there is a new appetite to discuss and improve." - Laurie Forcier, Learnit @ the launch of the Global EDU Summit

One of the most exciting opportunities coming out of the current movement to rethink assessment is the chance to develop assessments that are scenario-based and have context for students. Learning can happen more deeply and is more meaningful when students have real-world context for what they are learning - this can also make assessment more meaningful, with scenario and context giving a more holistic, process based measures of learning compared to knowledge based memorization. We have an opportunity to get creative about assessment - let's take hold of it. Learn more from @laurie_forcier.

3. Equity Will Continue To Make Headlines In Assessment - And Beyond

"We can frequently disadvantage groups when it comes to assessment - and we have to be very careful that we don’t do that." - Bill Lucas @ the launch of the Global EDU Summit

Measuring learning can be inherently inequitable - as we rethink what assessment might look like, ensuring equity is vital. There will be many more conversations about equity and access during the Global EDU Summit - especially in Tuesday's conversation with Digital Promise and leaders of the League of Innovative Schools!

4. Great EdTech Integration Starts With Great Teachers

"You need to choose what works best for your students and your pedagogy."- Ian Stuart, Microsoft Education @ the launch of the Global EDU Summit

Mark Hartwright of the SMART UK team led a great conversation with Ian Stuart about how Lumio (get started today for free!) integrates with Microsoft Teams - and all of the options that are available for teachers to easily deliver lessons that are accessible and interactive. The integrated options are designed to give teachers what they need to meet their student and pedagogy needs. Listen to the conversation recording on SMART360

5. SMART EdTech Helps Motivate Students In Blended Learning Environments

"Lumio has been key to successfully generating interactive lessons, motivate students and get to the same level of results we get in class!"- Teacher Charlotte from Belgium @ the launch of the Global EDU Summit

Lumio software supports learning whether teachers and students are in the classroom, at home, or some combination of the two. There will be many more sessions and insights about supporting blended learning throughout the event, including Friday's BIG product showcase at 1:15pm ET.