Adaptability, Flexibility, And Technology: Back-To-School Educator Series Post #9

Students collaborate during study hall on their student devices.

On Being Adaptable 

With the school closure the pandemic brought on last year, I really honed in on my adaptability and flexibility skills. We all felt isolated--staff and children--and we had to change plans constantly. 

This year, I have continued to remain adaptable and have also continued to use technology. We already used an online platform for remote learning that we are continuing to use this year, but I also plan to make more use of technology to communicate with parents.

Changing Roles

For the past seven years, I taught Key Stage 2 at our school. This year I moved to Key Stage 1, and it has been an exciting opportunity to adapt my teaching for this younger age group. With COVID restrictions slightly more relaxed this year, I am able to use the SMART Board to its fullest potential and allow students to interact with it during both small group and individual work--something I was unable to do last year. The children coming into my class had no experience using some of SMART’s interactive features, like game-based activities, and I’ve been slowly introducing them to these features to make learning even more fun and engaging. 

Special thanks to SMART Ambassador Sam Firth for this post! For more Back-to-School ideas, resources, and information, check out our Back-to-School webpage!