Available Now: Android 11 and iQ 3.12. Here's what you should know

SMART Lineup of interactive displays with Android 11 and iQ 3.12

SMART is changing the game with automatic over-the-air updates

We’re thrilled to share that Android 11 now rolling out to our V3 lineup of interactive displays with iQ. This enhancement means we will continue to provide industry-leading upgradability to SMART interactive displays as well as schools, classrooms, boardrooms, and offices across the globe.

Over the coming weeks, all SMART 6000S–V3 and MX-V3 series displays will receive an automatic and over-the-air update to iQ 3.12, including Android 11. Automatic over-the-air updates provide sustainable upgrades without the hassle of purchasing anything, or upgrading displays manually.

What can you expect from this latest upgrade?

Along with responsive privacy and security updates, we’re excited to deploy:

  • Android 11 software update
  • Greater interoperability and support for 64-bit apps
  • New Whiteboarding features for all supported SMART V3 displays with iQ
  • New pedagogically designed, ready-made resources for student contribution from devices
  • Live sharing and collaboration features in the whiteboard
  • Whole-class collaborative whiteboard improvements with content attribution for student contributions from their devices
  • ... and more!

Check out our media announcement for all the details. We’re also in the news! Read why SMART is paving the way with it’s first-to-market, over-the-air Android 11 update for its interactive displays.

How can I learn more about these upcoming features?

SMART is committed to bringing you intuitive interaction and innovation, as well as high-quality support. We’re with you every step of the way as you learn more about iQ 3.12. We have lots coming to support iQ 3.12 and Android 11 but in the meantime, check out these resources:

Our commitment to longevity

We continually work to build a future that is both connected and sustainable. SMART interactive displays’ hardware and architecture allow for a path to migrate to the latest Android operating system for all supported models. This equals a longer lifespan and less waste.

To ensure your display is secure, efficient and up to date, we’ve included platform patches and upgrades, plus exciting new features to your SMART apps in our latest over-the-air software upgrade. You can trust that your technology will last longer and can keep up with evolving classrooms.

Bringing you the latest features, updates and innovations is all part of our ongoing efforts to keep your tech up to date. This industry-leading upgrade is the first of its kind in the interactive display market, bringing Android 11 along with the most innovative features to classrooms and boardrooms all over the world.

We are committed to continually developing and innovating our products and supporting you with the tools you need to better learning experiences for students. With automatic over-the-air updates, your technology investment will continue to meet the needs of all users and provide the flexibility and sustainability you need from your tech.

iQ 3.12 and Android 11 will be deployed to all 6000S-V3 and MX-V3 displays beginning on November 3rd, 2022, and continues with a phased approach throughout the rest of the month. Keep your eyes (and hands) on your SMART displays for these new features and activities, coming soon!

Not sure which display you have in your classroom? You can find this in your ‘settings’ or check the Find my SMART Board wizard.