Global EDU Summit News // Better Purpose And The Science Of Learning

Two students collaborate on their devices during a lesson.

Catalyst is partnering with Better Purpose to host sessions for educational leaders to look at the evidence about how children learn in order to shape the current state and future of learning. Together. This conversation is also part of the Global EDU Summit LIVE and on-demand in 2021. Save your seat

Tapping Into The Evidence About How Children Learn No Matter What Your Classrooms Look Like - In-Person, Remote, Or Hybrid

Download The Latest Report On The Science Of Learning From Better Purpose And Join The Global Conversation

The world continues to increase its insight into the science of how students learn.

Recent research in neuroscience, behavioral sciences, and cognitive sciences continues to add to this body of evidence, and recently published The Science of Learning Report eloquently provides a summary of key evidence about how children learn.

As leaders of education institutions, we know that amongst the many roles we have, an important one is in helping close the gap between what the theory tells us and the behaviors and actions we observe in our classrooms.

The mission of Catalyst bring us all together to explore the big challenges we are all facing and how to better apply the evidence garnered through compelling research like this is among them.

Download the report and join in the conversation with Catalyst at the Global EDU Summit.