A Blended Learning Success Story - How Coeburn Primary School Is Changing How Teachers Are Working With Students With Their EdTech Strategy

Young students of Coeburn Primary School listening to their teacher at the front of the classroom.

Thank you to Mike Still, Reporter from Times News, for this story featuring how Coeburn Primary School in Virginia USA continues to help teachers change the way they are working with students with their EdTech strategy and effective implementation.

A Blended Learning Success Story: How Edtech And Dedication Earn Coeburn Primary Global Recognition

By Mike Still mstill@timesnews.net Feb 12, 2021 | Check out the full article here


Thoughtful Investment In Edtech Solutions Helps Coeburn Primary School Teachers Adapt Quickly To Changing Classroom Environments - Especially During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Coeburn Primary School, recently recognized as a global SMART Exemplary School, overhauled their classroom education before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many school divisions across the U.S. into reliance on remote learning.

Their strategic adoption of innovative EdTech hardware (SMART Board Interactive Displays) and software (Lumio) greatly improve student learning experiences.

As Kevin Marcus, Coeburn Primary’s technology coach, shares - Coeburn Primary began investing in innovative EdTech solutions with SMART Technologies in 2001. Their ongoing adoption and implementation helped their school community adapt quickly when COVID-19 forced schools throughout the world to shift to more active and connected blended learning. 

The leadership team at Coeburn Primary School is actively collaborating with teachers and education leaders throughout the U.S. and globally through the SMART Examplary Schools program. They share their experiences and techniques to help more communities develop engaging learning environments that embody hope for communities and families who want the best for our children.

"Coeburn Primary School embodies hope for the kids and the families, and those families want the best for their children,” Arquette said. “There’s so much behind the scenes with what they do that people don’t know about.”

We are proud to share this behind-the-scenes story with the community of SMART schools worldwide also dedicated to connecting learning communities with greater learning and hope.