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A teacher manipulates an image on her classroom 6000S interactive display.

Classrooms are transforming and SMART is ready to help every educator get connected, get simple and get engaging - no matter what your classrooms look like in 2021.

Our goal is to make sure there is a SMART solution for every classroom. The edtech innovations in interactive displays unveiled at the flagship Global SMART Partner Summit are setting the pace in blended learning. The latest showcase of high-quality interactive displays provide exceptional value at a great price.

Education Technology: SMART Board Interactive Displays For 2021

“We want it to be full a standalone solution that’s ready to use from day one and ready to scale for a range of different teaching practices,” said Senior Director of Product Fraser Smith during the product showcase at the recent Global VIRTUAL SMART Partner Summit. “We want to make sure teachers have all the tools they need to make an immediate impact.”

So how are we going to do this?

What's New And Exciting With SMART For Every Classroom In 2021

SMART Board MX: Powerfully Simple

While the SMART strategy for hardware development will not change, there will be rolling feature updates with two main phases of updates to the MX series: in Spring we’ll have eco design compliance and USB-C connection support and power delivery, then in Summer we’ll introduce a zero bonding display update and a completely refreshed Scaler and operating system.

SMART Board 6000S: Best In Class

For the 6000S, we’ll also offer an update to the eco design in Spring along with an improved USB-C spec, in addition to Tool Explorer extensions and NFC workflow for secure and easy board sign-in. In the Summer, you’ll see a huge performance boost along with the same core spec updates as the MX, plus integrated mic array and supercharged inking speed and pressure support.

The New SMART GX Series: Basically Brilliant

Finally, drumroll please, we’re responding to the market demand for high quality interactive displays that provide exceptional value at a great price with the release of the all-new SMART GX series. It offers a familiar and accessible interactive display and offers embedded usability features and SMART DNA, without the inclusion of iQ. This is an exciting addition to our offerings and it will make it possible for every classroom to have a SMART interactive display.

What Is Next For Your Classroom?

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