Daily Recap: Speakers To Follow From The First 2 Days Of The Global EDU Summit

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Global News: The Global EDU Summit had an amazing second day, with speakers sharing knowledge and insights on social-emotional learning,  how innovative schools are ensuring equity, what we need to consider as we rethink assessment, and how to support one another (and ourselves!) through this pandemic. 

The Speakers To Follow From The First 2 Days Of The Global EDU Summit

Having so many incredible leaders take part in the Global EDU Summit as both presenters and participants has been incredible. They inspire and motivate us as we continue to find new ways for educators to connect worldwide - especially now when connections and relationships are more important than ever.

We recommend you follow these amazing speakers and continue the conversations we started across many critical areas, including: social-emotional learning, professional development, emotional support for teachers, ensuring equity, the innovative use of technology to connect, and more. 

Joshua Freedman
CEO, Six Seconds

"What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence? My noble goal is to inspire compassionate wisdom."

Ginny Washburne
Educator and Founder of She Thrives, LLC

"Our inner wisdom is revealed in the questions we have the courage to ask. When we lean into our collective discomfort with curiosity, we inspire innovation."

Dewayne J. McClary
Director, League of Innovative Schools at Digital Promise

"I've learned that if you never try, the fear of failing will deprive you of learning something that could change your life."

Laurie Forcier
Global Content Officer, Learnit

"We believe that by uniting the global learning community, and leading an intellectually honest conversation about the current state and future of learning, we can revolutionize education, and ultimately change the world."

Professor Bill Lucas
Centre for Real-World Learning | Author

"For some, assessment has become a ‘dirty’ word. If we can rethink it and reimagine it, it’s a really powerful word."

Steve Clark
System-based Specialist, Calgary Board of Education

"Providing impactful professional learning take creativity and connection - the better we serve teachers, the better we serve students."

Giancarlo Brotto
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Catalyst

"It's not what you know that matters, it's using what you know to help others do greater things than you've ever done."