Finding the Light at the End of a Busy School Year

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We’ve made it! The school year is behind us and summer is here. So why do I still feel sluggish and unmotivated?

Summer is often looked at as a time for rest for teachers however, it’s quite the opposite. Teachers are encouraged to clean their classrooms, prep for the new year and search for relevant professional development. When teachers are already feeling burnt out after a busy year of learning, this pressure just adds to the stress.

Complete your PD on your own time!

Good news! SMART offers FREE on-demand PD for teachers. Whether you’re looking to introduce game-based learning into your classroom or different ways to support your school and colleagues, we have just the thing for you!

Surf through our Summer Refresh YouTube Playlist for tons of webinar recordings (and more to come) that will help to elevate your iQ and Lumio instruction. Whether you’re new to Lumio, have been using it for years or somewhere in between, you’ll find the tips and tricks to take your instruction to the next level.

Did we mention this time can count towards your PD hours? Once you’ve completed the training, click the survey link in the description, fill out the survey and you’ll receive a link to retrieve and download your certificate for participation.

Wellness on your mind?

If you’re searching for resources on wellness and mindfulness, we've designed a virtual PD session with our partners at Kooth (the stand-out partner in providing digital mental health resources built on more than 20 years of data and clinical excellence) all about mindfulness strategies.

Watch this on-demand webinar and access free resources that support student and teacher wellness. Check out brand-new Lumio lessons developed in partnership with Kooth, and walk away with easy-to-access, free resources and lessons.

Professional development isn’t just for the summer - we offer webinars throughout the school year to support teachers with their Lumio, Notebook and iQ instruction.

We are currently gearing up to launch the newest season of our Ready? Set. SMART! webinar series this August and we want you to be a part of it. Join us all year round for engaging, insightful virtual training to supply you with tips, tools and fun for your classroom.