Get Excited: Android 11 is coming to a SMART Board near you!

SMART Interactive Displays with Android 11 Software

Updating your SMART Board has never been easier

We’re very excited to announce iQ 3.12 is on its way to SMART interactive displays with iQ, including a software update to Android 11 for SMART 6000S-V3 and MX-V3 series. Not sure which display you have in your classroom? You can find this in your ‘settings’ or check the Find My SMART Board Wizard. The update will begin rolling out beginning in early November 2022.

We are committed to continually developing and innovating our products and supporting you with the tools you need to better learning experiences for students. With automatic over-the-air updates, your technology investment will continue to meet the needs of all teachers and classrooms and provide the flexibility and sustainability you need.

What’s new in iQ 3.12?

To ensure your display is secure, efficient and up to date, we’ve included platform patches and upgrades, plus exciting new features to your SMART apps in our latest over-the-air software upgrade. You can trust that your technology will last longer and can keep up with the changing classroom.

OTA updates to Android 11, provide:

  • Greater security. Privacy and security are at the core of SMART’s product design. Android 11 further protects your teacher and student data by providing secured storage and better app permission handling. As technology advances, it’s important that privacy and security standards advance with it.
  • Greater functionality. Android 11 provides a better experience, with reliable ongoing support for 3rd party apps now and in the future. The possibilities are endless with improved functionality and experience.
  • 64-bit app support. As of Aug 2021 – All new apps and any updates to current apps on the Google Play Store must support 64-bit versions, with 64-bit only mobile devices likely to enter the market in 2023. With 64-bit apps, you can access more memory more effectively. This will provide better and more stable app performance as well.
  • Greater longevity. Automatic over-the-air updates for your system's software are crucial to extending the life of interactive displays. SMART hardware is built to last and we consistently update our software to keep up. Rather than suffering from planned obsolescence, over-the-air updates make sure you maximize your display's full lifespan instead of sending it to the landfill early. Rather than replacing your existing hardware tech, over-the-air updates enable you to spend your EdTech budget on what matters.

Leading the way with student device integration

Screen mirroring is a fabulous way for students to participate in learning and sharing but is it really robust enough for active classrooms? The latest edition of the iQ whiteboard offers engaging collaboration features to support better interaction and student engagement. iQ 3.12 adds content attribution to the collaborative whiteboard so teachers can see what individual students add and edit using ink and text; a great way to check on and evaluate student participation.

Encourage every student to participate with iQ 3.12. We’ve made it easier for teachers to connect students to their learning in any network environment, whether they’re in the class or at home.

  • Robust student collaboration tools. Connect student devices to support active learning in only two clicks. Only SMART displays with iQ allow an entire class to work directly in the embedded whiteboard - without student logins - so teachers don’t need to interrupt the lesson to get students signed into a separate tool.
  • Less time wasted in the classroom. Without the need for individual student logins, teachers can focus on what really matters in a lesson; learning! Teachers are able to move seamlessly between tools without separate student logins.
  • Attribute student work in collaborative exercises. Easily see which students added and edited content in a collaborative whiteboard for greater insight to learning. (New in iQ 3.12)

Even more content to ramp up student engagement on the fly

The beauty of SMART is that no matter your level of tech knowledge, you can always feel confident about student engagement. Any teacher can immediately and easily benefit from iQ 3.12, no matter their tech expertise or level of lesson prep. We’ve added 9 new, activities to our great, free, built-in content, ranging from assessments to collaborative activities, to help teachers get insight to learning through formative assessment.

Engage students on their own devices with these new iQ activities focused on activating prior knowledge, questioning and reflection:

Shout it Out:

  • 3 facts-2 questions-1 opinion
  • Explain what you know about the topic
  • Explain what you learned about the topic
  • KWLQ (know-want to know-learned-questions)
  • Plus-Minus-Interesting
  • What do you want to know about the topic


  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • How do you feel about the topic?
  • Is the statement true or false

  • We design for the future. With industry-leading upgradability and product lifespan, SMART displays with iQ maximize your technology investment. We’re proud to build it right and continually upgrade it to meet and exceed your expectations.

    So, are you as excited as we are? This awesome over-the-air update begins on November 3rd, 2022, and continues with a phased approach throughout the rest of the month. Keep your eyes (and hands) on your SMART displays for these new features and activities, coming soon!