Get excited for the New School Year with Excellent PD from SMART

A teacher participating in online Professional Development.

It’s time to get excited for the new school year! While summer definitely calls for rest and relaxation, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to prepare for the road ahead. If you’re looking for inspiring, useful, engaging PD, we have just the thing for you!

We’re combining professional development, and pedagogy-first teaching resources into a quick 2-day, FREE, virtual PD event. Join in on July 12th & 13th for the summer edition of our webinar series, “Ready, Set, SMART!” Sign up for select sessions or the full experience for two days of learning, helpful tips and useful resources. Each session qualifies for PD hours, and since they’re virtual, you can definitely be wearing your PJs!

Take the plunge and register for the full experience:

Check out the individual sessions below for pedagogy-based tips, tricks, and inspiration for the year ahead:

Diving in Deeper: Using game-based activities to make a splash!

Come join us as we jump into exploring how to enhance and enrich student learning with game-based activities.

Tuesday, July 12th @ 11am EST

Notebook to Lumio: It's a breeze to connect students to your lesson!

Let Lumio make a bigger splash with your Notebook files. Join us to understand how to seamlessly transition lesson content from Notebook to Lumio to engage students in learning opportunities.

Tuesday, July 12th @ 11am EST

Join the Team: Become a SMART Ambassador Today!

Have you heard the cheering in the stands? Bring your passion for education and join us to see what the SMART Ambassador community is all about. In this session, we'll create a Lumio activity, and apply today! Learn more HERE

Tuesday, July 12th @ 12pm EST

Tour iQ Island, Destination: SMART Board

Come aboard this tour to learn first steps what your SMART Board with iQ can do! Discover ways to connect students to content and foster collaboration. The possibilities are endless! Not sure what SMART Board you have? Let's check here!

Tuesday, July 12th @ 2pm EST

Happy Campers: Build s’more togetherness in your classroom community

Gather around the campfire as we Illuminate ways to foster classroom routines and relationships in Lumio. Try out activities that melt away the first day jitters and collect ideas to use all year long.

Tuesday, July 12th @ 2pm EST

Turn the Tide: Leverage Lumio for Student-Led Learning

Surf’s Up! Hang with us to learn how to help students ride the wave of learning by planning, monitoring, and evaluating their own process. Catch new ways to use Lumio to encourage students to take charge of their learning, develop self-regulation, and set more ambitious goals

Wednesday, July 13th @ 11am EST

Anchors Away: Set Sail on Your Lumio Journey!

Propel student engagement by taking your maiden voyage with Lumio! Learn in five easy steps how to create active learning experiences.

Wednesday, July 13th @ 11am EST

Don Your Captain's Hat: Start Your Journey to become a Lumio Certified Trainer

Help your school navigate their way to success in Lumio! In this session you will start your journey to become a Lumio Certified Trainer, gaining the tools you need to help guide your crew. Please note: you must be a SMART Ambassador to attend. Not an Ambassador? No problem. Apply now!

Wednesday, July 13th @ 12pm EST

Bar-B-iQ: Let Lumio fire up the iQ instruction

Lumio is the marinade that makes a lesson better! Learn how to prepare your lesson in Lumio and easily deliver it to students using your SMART Board with iQ. Not sure what SMART Board you have? Let's check here!

Wednesday, July 13th @ 2pm EST

Teachers' Paradise: Grab-and-go with Lumio

Grab your teacher friends and get ready to relax on this guided tour through the Lumio Library. No need to fret over lesson creation because in Teachers' Paradise, content is created for you. It's as easy as search, save, and deliver!

Wednesday, July 13th @ 2pm EST

Time to Unwind: Mindfulness Strategies with Kooth

Join this session to access free resources that support student and teacher wellness. Check out brand-new Lumio lessons developed in partnership with Kooth, and walk away with easy-to-access, free resources and lessons.

Wednesday, July 13th @ 3pm EST

Teachers can look forward to playing the newest education tools, fresh instructional ideas, some awesome SMART swag and a whole lot of fun.

If you're a SMART or Lumio user, these sessions will help you get the most out of what you have. If you aren’t, there are still lots of tips and tricks you can put into practice.

Ready to dive in??