iQ + Student Devices = A Match Made In Heaven

A group of students working on their students devices with a connected SMART Display in the background

If you have a SMART Board and student devices in your classroom, you’re in luck! SMART Displays with iQ are equipped with brilliant features that allow for whole-class participation, truly active learning and a level of student collaboration that you’ve never seen before.

Student Devices + SMART Board = more possibilities for engaged learning

Are you ready to take student engagement to the next level? Let’s dive into how you can use your student devices and SMART Display together to create a collaborative learning environment in the comfort of your own classroom.

Engage your students - in and out of the classroom

SMART Displays with iQ give you the power to teach, even when you’re not teaching. In the Whiteboard, you can switch from teacher-lead to student exploration and back again, on-demand. Provide your students with the resources and content they need synchronously or asynchronously, on the fly.

You can still connect your students devices to the whiteboard, wherever they are! Through a link or a simple code, students can connect to the Display and see your markup and updates in real-time so they can follow along, in or out of the classroom.

Your SMART Display supports learning whether it be self-paced and remote or live and in person. Find out more about how to use your SMART Display in and out of the classroom in our Educator Training resources:

Take student collaboration to the next level

Use the Collaborative Whiteboard for a truly immersive experience for students. We’ve designed our collaboration features to provide students a safe space to contribute to class discussions and participate in learning.

Use the Shout It Out activity to empower your students to share their prior knowledge, opinions and ideas from their student devices with the whole class. This often can help shier students share and develop their voice and choice.

Add this activity to your next lesson, no matter what subject or grade level, to get your entire class engaged, working together and learning from each other!

That’s not all, SMART Displays come equipped with activities that support student contribution through:

  • Collaborative whiteboard canvas with attribution
  • Polling & voting
  • Checks for understanding
  • Questioning & reflection exercises
  • Freeform or categorized brainstorming and ideation
  • Activating prior knowledge

Whether you want to share a students screen, start brainstorming, or collaborate together on a whiteboard, SMART Displays are designed to encourage and empower students to get engaged in learning.

So what are you waiting for? Level up your class collaboration with students devices + SMART Displays!