EdTech Trends: How to Prioritize Your EdTech Planning

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How do you know if what you’re doing with EdTech is working? And how do you discover the most important actions to prioritize if you want to keep improving outcomes?

The free SMART EdTech Assessment Tool was developed with rigorous research based on ISTE, OECD, UNESCO, CASEL and other standards and global best practices. This means that when you self-assess your own capabilities using the tool, you’re not only getting insights that benchmark you against hundreds of other leaders and educators from around the world, but that your level of capabilities and path to improvement are backed by sound research.

How Do We Know Students Are Learning When We Can't See Them?

The effectiveness of blended learning can be particularly difficult to measure. Our 2020 survey shows what capabilities are likely to lead to 7x more effective in teaching and learning.

Start the free EdTech Assessment Tool with the Blended Learning module today to see where you stand, and where to take action.

Where To Start With EdTech Strategic Planning?

Knowing where to dig and who to engage when planning for EdTech purchasing or implementation isn’t straightforward – this module will look at capabilities like student and parent voice in ICT planning, and show you where your key areas of focus could be.

Get started with the free Strategic Leadership module of the EdTech Assessment Tool.

What Does It Mean To Drive A Pedagogy First EdTech Strategy? 

The integration of tech in all elements of teaching and learning is a key to success with EdTech adoption. It's not enough to just wheel a SMART Board into a classroom or place a device in a student's hand - the tech must be integrated with the pedagogy. Zero in on key questions to help identify what matters for successful EdTech integration, and key actionable insight on where to focus.

The EdTech Assessment Tool is free of charge and can be taken anytime to help you benchmark your development long-term and see better outcomes for your students and school. Learn more about the tool and all 5 modules available here.

Our panel of education leaders at the Global EDU Summit shared details of how the EdTech Assessment Tool supports their strategic planning. Driving change is important - and it starts with understanding where you're at today. 

"Education change needs to be systemic – everyone needs to understand not only what we’re doing, but WHY we’re doing it" - said Sir Mark Grundy of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.