SMART Boards = unmatched value for your IT team

IT Manager – a young man with brown hair and glasses - standing in front of a SMART Board with a laptop in his hands.

What does it feel like when something you invested in doesn’t get used? Or when the way that you expected it to function isn’t the reality? Feels awful, right? That’s why SMART displays with iQ are purposefully designed to be effortless to set up, and easily updated and serviced so you can get the most out of your tech.

And since we know how important your budget is, we’ve included all these great tools with your display purchase, saving you money over other brands that hide essential features like user setup or group panel updates in extra subscriptions or upgrades.

Designed for longevity and excellent performance with extensive research, development, and testing, SMART Boards perform exceptionally well, for years longer than the other guys.

Beyond the baked-in longevity, let’s dive into some of the features and functionality you get when you select SMART classroom displays:

Hands-off day one experience

SMART displays are simple. That is, simple to implement, maintain and support, ensuring less maintenance, minimal troubleshooting, and fewer support calls. This provides endless possibilities for your teachers and what they can do with a SMART Board.

If you’re an IT manager, a teacher or anyone else, we’ve made your job easier from the get go: any user can get started with their SMART Board without even giving you a call. Any teacher can set up a user account – including their NFC card! – with an existing Google or Microsoft account, ensuring authorization is handled by your trusted identity provider. This means all the security and self-service workflows you’ve already set up are instantly in place for the SMART display, such as password recovery or required two-factor authentication. It also means only managing one source of truth, eliminating the duplication of administering a second system. Plus, cloud storage integration makes accessing their files a snap.

Of course any SMART display can be used without an account, so even your substitute teachers can benefit!

We’ve also made your job easier all year: full-featured Remote Management software is included with your board for the length of your warranty, with no hidden subscriptions or upgrade fees. This means you can update settings on multiple displays at once, roll out new apps, and help your teachers troubleshoot all from the comfort of your desk, at home, on the beach… wherever you are.

Check out our YouTube support playlist on SMART Remote Management for a glimpse of the technology and support videos:

In the event support is needed, you can be sure you’ll receive an accurate and timely resolution. We’re proud to provide support, online and over the phone, from our global in-house support team. You read that right; you can pick up the phone and speak to a real person when it’s convenient for you! Unlike some other brands, our experts are 100% focused on knowing the ins and outs of SMART interactive displays, so they won’t mistake your SMART Board for some other electronic like gaming laptop or a dishwasher. We provide quick turnaround on support tickets so you can get the answers you need while you’re doing other things.

Our support is always available for you in your time zone, whenever the sun is up for you. Plus, open issues will be handed off and continually worked on by our entire support team* so you don’t have to wait for John to come back from his lunch break.

We also offer a ton of carefully crafted downloads and guides to walk you through how to do just about anything with a SMART Display. Plus, we have ongoing technical support with videos and newsletters, how-to's, getting started and troubleshooting resources online. In fact, we’ve committed an entire team to support you in your technology adoption.

Visit our support channel for a peek into some of our self-serve support.

And while you’re at it, check out our newly launched self-serve training portal. It’s an excellent resource for teachers, trainers, and tech specialists alike!

*Available for key markets: North America, UK and Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand

Warranty that looks after your investment

True to its name, SMART Assure Warranty lets you rest assured that your SMART interactive display(s) is a high-quality product that is built to last. Unlike many other manufacturers’ warranties, SMART Assure warranty does not require product registration to be activated, which means that your SMART display is covered under warranty the minute it’s shipped.

We offer features such as advanced replacement, 2-way shipping and onsite service to all eligible users covered under SMART Assure warranty, making it one of the most comprehensive warranty offerings across the industry. SMART also offers the option to extend your SMART Assure product warranty for up to 7 years, one of the longest available in the industry.

Just think about the cost implications. For an out-of-warranty product needing repair, the cost for onsite service (or removal and replacement) could run from $1,500 to $3,000 by the time labor, two-way shipping, repair, and reinstallation are factored into the price. For that cost, you may as well look to purchase a new board, shortening the life of your technology investment. But not with SMART.

All the good stuff – with no hidden costs

When shopping around for classroom technology, the purchase price doesn’t always provide the full picture of your technology investment. At SMART, we pride ourselves in providing the most transparent and comprehensive packages, so you understand your full investment.

We’ve identified the core areas to focus on when selecting EdTech so you can make the most informed purchase and developed a document to help you in your decision-making. Read the Hidden Costs of Lower-Quality Interactive Displays for more information.

*Available for key markets: North America, UK and Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand