SMART Displays and HiSilicon Chipsets

Three SMART Board displays show security iconography.

You may have heard about the American Federal government’s recent ban on sale and import of select telecommunications equipment from Huawei and other companies.

Did you know that:

  • SMART Interactive Displays are free from HiSilicon chipsets – While the current prohibition is not specifically targeted at interactive flat panels, customers should be aware that SMART does not sell products that use HiSilicon (a subsidiary of Huawei Technologies) chipsets.
  • We have stringent SoC (‘system on a chip’) vendor selection. Our long-term industry experience with SoC manufacturers means we always practice proactive, responsible vendor selection for our product components.
  • Supply chain effectiveness and integrity. Our long-term industry experience also allows us to manage a strong and effective, ethical supply chain, and hold our partners to the same high environmental and social responsibility standards we subscribe to.
  • SMART’s product line of ultra-secure technologies are trusted by military and first responders worldwide. SMART interactive displays are used on all classifications of networks within the US government, and our software complies with stringent security standards.
  • SMART also offers GSA-approved interactive displays and software, certified for use within secure environments and comply with Section 889 of the John McCain Telecommunications Act, required by US Department of Defense and Intelligence departments.
  • Learn more about SMART’s High-Security product offerings
With SMART, you’re safe.

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