Supporting Student Wellbeing with just 10 Minutes Per Day

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Have you heard? SMART x moozoom is here to support student wellbeing.

It's no secret that students need help with their mental and emotional wellbeing; we know that helping students develop tools and language to confront daily challenges is essential to their growth and success both in and outside of the classroom. But educators have so much to do - from lesson-planning to classroom teaching to all the hours spent ensuring students have a safe, comfortable place to learn, that there's hardly enough time as it is. So it can be a struggle to further dedicate a chunk of their day to plan and create relatable SEL lessons and follow-up activities for their students—especially based on topics that can be difficult to tackle.

When it comes down to it, reality tells us there are three things that really matter when it comes to student well-being resources for teachers to use in their classrooms:

  1. The content needs to fully engage students
  2. You need to be able to use it in your classroom quickly and easily, without a bunch of prep
  3. The pedagogy and content has to be sound and based on real research

This is why we are excited to share that we have partnered with moozoom—a student wellness curriculum that eliminates all of that extra leg work while supplying easy to use interactive SEL resources that you can teach in 10 minutes a day. Based on current student realities and the latest K-12 learning standards, moozoom’s mission is to improve student well-being by teaching students how to deal with real life challenges.

Why moozoom?

moozoom utilizes live-action video-based learning where students “choose their own adventure” after being plunged into real-world simulations. The content provides opportunities for student-led discussions and activities that deepen learning through inquiry. moozoom submerges students in a fictional universe using high-quality cinematic videos where students can create their own stories and forge meaningful links with strategies for overcoming their daily challenges.

What happens when students observe, engage, and deeply connect with those SEL-aligned behaviors?

  • Students gain important life skills - like communication, collaboration, and relationship building
  • Students adopt positive behaviors while reducing behavioral issues (in the short term and even into adulthood!)
  • Academic performance almost always increases
  • Happier, healthier classrooms and schools

Get Started on your SMART Board

Getting started with moozoom is quick and easy from your SMART board:

  1. Choose some time that works for you; you only need 10 minutes a day with your students.
  2. Go to moozoom in the application tray and sign up for a free trial.
  3. Go to your free module and play the interactive video, and you’re off on an SEL adventure with your students!

Students can experience a range of digital activities. The quizzes track data for teachers, and journal prompts give students space to talk about the challenges they watched the moozoom characters face. All of this entertaining and interactive content can be accessed from your SMART Board. If you’d like to get students up and acting, the role play dialogues are a great resource to lay the groundwork for even more thoughtful discussions!

We all want to provide the best environment for students. moozoom makes it easier for teachers AND students to get the support and assistance they need and deserve. Click on the moozoom icon today on your SMART Board to get started on your SEL adventure!

Learn more and get started with moozoom from anywhere: