Empowering Teachers Through A ‘SMART’ Content Creation Event

A SMART Customer Story With Charter Schools USA

Empowering Teachers

Teachers and Schools
CSUSA Schools involved: 20 schools
CSUSA States impacted: FL, GA, IN, and NC

Increase student engagement in the classroom

SMART Solution
SMART’s 6065 Interactive Display
SMART Notebook
SMART lab software

20 CSUSA schools were effectively trained by SMART’s Efficacy and Implementation Team and Advocacy Team.


To empower Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) attendees to become effective developers of standards-aligned SMART Lesson content, that would increase student engagement in the classroom.


CSUSA chose to work with SMART’s Efficacy & Implementation (E&I) Team, and Advocacy Team, to help lead their master teachers in a 2-day content creation workshop event.

Collaboration Goals: To collaborate, and create a robust 2-day content creation workshop event that would ensure that CSUSA attendees could:

  • Increase their effective use of their SMART Solution (hardware and software).
  • Achieve increased student engagement in the classroom.
  • Share-back the knowledge that they acquired with their local schools.
  • Create high-quality, standards-aligned, interactive content.

Workshop Goals: CSUSA and SMART designed and developed an innovative “Get SMART with Content Creation” workshop event that would ensure that their attendees could:

  • Become knowledgeable about successfully implementing the SMART Solution into content-specific lessons.
  • Conduct effective “Teach-Backs” on the SMART Solution to their fellow colleagues.
  • Share their SMART Lessons across the CSUSA network, through linked files, sample video lessons, within their curriculum maps.
  • Continue collaborating on their SMART Lessons, within the CSUSA “SMART Champion” community.

Workshop Details: Hosted in-person in Fort Lauderdale, FL with 20 attendees, this collaborative “Get SMART with Content Creation” workshop event was simultaneously broadcast live to 10 additional schools. It was recorded to provide on-demand “just-in-time” learning for any CSUSA school that was not able to participate live:

  • Attendees were trained on SMART’s 6065 Interactive Flat Panel, SMART Notebook, and SMART lab software.
  • Attendees applied what they learned, and created content that aligned to CSUSA curriculum and state-specific standards.
  • Content was shared across the CSUSA network through resource links, and embedded into curriculum maps.


20 CSUSA schools were effectively trained by SMART’s E&I and Advocacy Team.

Workshop Survey Results:

  • 100% of attendees are excited to see how their SMART Solution (hardware and software) will make a positive difference in their students’ learning engagement.
  • 100% of attendees are looking forward to integrating their SMART Solution (hardware and software) into their classroom’s learning environment.
“This SMART training was not only beneficial for the attendees, but for all of our teachers across the nation. The creation of model SMART Notebook files have been transformed into model lessons, with which our teachers can utilize to truly plan for engaging instruction. The facilitators were knowledgeable, provided interactive opportunities for the participants, and customized the training to meet the needs for our curricular and instructional goals as a network. We look forward to seeing our students interact with the technology our schools have invested in through meaningful, standardsbased learning opportunities.”
Jessica Granino, Senior Manager of Curriculum and Instruction