Unlocking Bright Futures: All Hallows Prep School Transforms Learning with Lumio and SMART Board GX

One hour. That’s the amount of time that teachers at All Hallows Prep School in Somerset, UK, have saved each day with the help of EdTech.

The school prides itself on fostering an inclusive and vibrant educational environment. Here, teachers and students embark on a journey of discovery. Led by Dr. Trevor Richards, Head of All Hallows, traditional teaching methods seamlessly intertwine with cutting-edge classroom technology.

Dr. Richards empowered the school to embrace innovation with open arms as they recognized the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future. The recent integration of Google as their workplace environment marked a significant step towards a more technologically-driven pedagogy. And with seamless integrations between Google and SMART Solutions, the adoption of Lumio and the SMART Board GX Display truly revolutionized the learning experience; saving teachers time and engaging students.

Deputy Head, Richard Kirby championed the transition of class content to Lumio as an advocate for leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes. As the school leveraged SMART Notebook in the years prior, teachers were easily able to migrate existing content to Lumio as well as integrate new interactivity into lessons.

For Richard Kirby, Lumio was more than just a tool; it was a catalyst for change in each unique student.

Under the guidance of Christopher Pope, Head of Digital Learning, teachers embarked on a mission to unlock the full potential of Lumio. Armed with the goal of saving one hour a day, educators eagerly embraced its ready-made resources, game-based learning activities and interactive teaching tools.

By consolidating classroom resources and tapping into the Lumio Library, teachers crafted lessons that engage students in active learning, all without the need for extra time or training.

Jonathan Gwilliam, Head of Languages, was particularly enamored with the SMART Board GX. Its seamless integration with Lumio allowed him to effortlessly switch between applications, unleashing a world of possibilities for interactive learning. Gone are the days of static whiteboards and ‘sage on the stage’ presentations; with Lumio, Mr. Gwilliam transformed his language lessons into vibrant and immersive experiences that captivated students' imaginations.

But beyond the immediate benefits of enhanced engagement and streamlined lesson planning, the true significance of technology integration lies in preparing students for their next steps. As Deputy Head Mr. Kirby often reiterated, the world beyond the classroom was evolving at an unprecedented pace, and it was imperative that students were equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

With classroom tools at their disposal, students gained invaluable experience navigating digital landscapes, collaborating on virtual platforms, and critically evaluating online resources. Whether crafting multimedia presentations, conducting research using online databases, or participating in virtual simulations, students developed the digital fluency essential for success in the 21st century and thanked Lumio along the way.

For Dr. Richards and his dedicated team, Lumio and the SMART Board GX are more than just tools; they are the keys to unlocking a brighter future for generations to come. In a rapidly evolving digital world, All Hallows Prep School remains committed to preparing students for a lifetime of learning and growth in the digital age.

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