Power & Potential: Educating Teachers About Classroom Technology

A SMART Customer Story With Charter Schools USA

Power and Potential

Charter Schools USA
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL

To enable teachers to excel using technology in the classroom

SMART Solution
SMART Board 6000 Series Interactive display

100% of teachers who attended the workshop are excited to see how SMART solutions increase student engagement.

Motivation: Encourage Adoption of Classroom Technology

Charter Schools USA partnered with SMART’s Efficacy & Implementation team to develop a scalable professional development offering with a mix of Train-the-Trainer and Direct-to-Teacher instruction. Together, they designed and developed innovative Power & Potential workshops that empowered Charter Schools USA attendees to become SMART champions in their schools.

A new Charter Schools USA Edmodo community site – with a wealth of SMART resources, lessons and training materials – was also launched to support classroom adoption.

In-Person Workshops

Active learning workshops focused on how attendees could use a technology rich learning environment to enhance their best teaching practices, and achieve more instances of outstanding success in their classrooms.


Workshop attendees were taught how to scale their training for other educators in their schools. Trained teachers could then show their colleagues how to effectively integrate SMART solutions into their learning environments.

Outcomes: Teachers Who Are Classroom Technology Experts

SMART Champions Trained For Charter Schools USA:

  • 133 Train-the-Trainer
  • 80+ Individual Teachers

Workshop attendee survey results

Charter Schools USA Involved: 35 schools
Charter Schools USA States involved: FL, NC, and LA

  • 99% of attendees would rate their ability to take the information they learned and create SMART Notebook and lab activities for students as Good, Very Good or Excellent.
  • 100% of attendees are excited to see how their SMART solution will make a positive difference in their students’ learning engagement.
  • 100% of attendees would rate their ability to hook up their computers to SMART’s interactive flat panel, and use SMART Ink as Good, Very Good or Excellent.
“Knowing our schools have the knowledge to integrate SMART technology to impact student achievement is priceless!”

– Athena Matherly, Senior Manager, Innovations