‘My life changed.’ How SMART technology transformed the teaching and learning of this school in Oman

Pakistan School Muscat recently installed SMART Boards in all their classrooms. We spoke to school staff and students to discover the impact the technology is having. The school also actively uses Lumio to drive collaborative and engaging lessons delivered via student devices!

Tech that is transforming student and teacher experiences

Pakistan School Muscat, an international K-12 school nestled in Oman’s historic and beautiful capital city, knew it was time to make a change, in every classroom, for every grade. After working to align their school’s technology status with their mission and vision, the school board opted to install SMART boards in every single classroom on campus.

Central coordinator Sanya Mirza says that “our students are benefiting from it in every way. The technology has enhanced their learning capacity and the learning experience.”

Mirza says that it’s not just the students who are benefitting from the school’s investment. Teachers at the school report that their lesson planning and delivery have been transformed.

“They're using YouTube, they're using Lumio, they're using different tools [that] are available on the SMART Board,” Mirza said. “They are having some interactive sessions with the students, which is helping both the teachers and the students to have a collaborative work and learning experience.”

With powerful, efficient technology comes a transformed sense of purpose within the classroom, according to the school’s principal, Nasir Nawaz Khatak.

“Educators get more empowered, and the learners’ participation increases tremendously,” Khatak said. “It saves them time, and set objectives are achieved more skillfully.”

For classroom teacher Ghazal Ikramazi, the shift to using digital tools to assist with learning and teaching has been revolutionary.

“My life changed,” Ikramazi said. “I don't have to work for hours. Now I have planned lessons with Lumio….I'm using the features available on the SMART Board.”

Another perk? The school’s teachers haven’t had to onboard this new technology on their own. Khatak says that part of this positive experience has been the training offered by SMART. 

“The training department has provided extraordinary training to our teachers,” Khatak said. “I recommend this brand to all educators across the world.”

“My life changed. I don't have to work for hours. Now I have planned lessons with Lumio.”
~Ghazal Ikramazi - Teacher

Discover how SMART Technologies supports schools around the world with interactive technology that transforms the way that teachers teach and learners learn.

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