Teacher guiding young student using a digital tablet in classroom.

Accessibility in the classroom

Give every student a voice with SMART

Building an inclusive classroom means working to remove barriers for every single student. SMART solutions offer tools and opportunities for all students, no matter how they think and learn.

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Choose technology that removes barriers.

SMART solutions help teachers increase access and engagement for all learners. Our interactive displays and learning software come equipped with tools that give access and voice to all learners.

We’re proud to make learning exciting and robust for students with diverse needs. Our product design is grounded in Universal Design for Learning with features to promote student engagement, representation, and expression.

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Young student using a Tool Explorer stamp on a SMART Board 6000S series in the classroom, illustrating interactive learning.

Features to know about

Tool Explorer

Our Tool Explorer platform bridges physical objects with digital learning. Magic pens, cubes, stamps, and highlighters are automatically recognized by the display, so students can organically and independently explore and display learning.

Some reasons why accessibility-minded educators love Tool Explorer:

It facilitates hands-on learning.
It supports engagement and expression in learners without relying on verbal language.
Students can collaborate meaningfully and simultaneously with different object types and choices.
It supports differentiation.

Open the doors to learning with features that invite everyone to jump in

Magic Pen

Our Magic Pen feature lets teachers engage students and direct focus with colorful, interactive strokes. Also included are the highlight and magnify features that are effective at directing student attention within any program or content type.


Capture student attention with colorful, interactive inking that works just like a real pen would. Just pick it up and write! Students and teachers can interact with content in their own way, at their own pace.

Digital manipulatives

Empower students to demonstrate learning without relying on language. Hands-on manipulatives help students explore and express themselves in new ways.

Connected student devices

Lumio makes it possible for students to interact with content from their own devices - whether in the classroom or at home. They can work at their own pace and participate in a way that works for their learning style.

More ways to learn with SMART

Inclusive Access

Give students the choice to interact with their learning in a way that works for them, whether physically interacting with the board and tools, or engaging and participating with the class from personal devices.

  • Tool Explorer stamps facilitate aided language instruction and digitally represent abstract ideas on the display.
  • Digital Manipulatives support learning by modeling and allow students to physically demonstrate learning, without relying on language as a primary communication tool.
A teacher supports a student in a wheelchair using a laptop in front of an interactive SMART Board, highlighting inclusive education technology.

SMART design matters

Inclusive Design

We’ve designed our products with a full set of tools to give teachers endless options for keeping students’ interest, differentiating instruction, and ensuring accessibility. Our intuitive design minimizes distractions to keep the focus on learning, not technology.

  • Teachers can focus attention with the Magic Pen.
  • Lumio uniquely allows the transition between teacher and student pacing as well as allowing students to move back and forth through a lesson, allowing students to work at the pace best suited to their needs.
  • Lumio supports personalized learning with a variety of activity types, including games and graphic organizers. Personalized feedback helps support self-regulated learning.

Young student with headphones using a laptop, actively participating in an online learning session.

SMART design matters

Inclusive Voice

We believe in elevating student voices, so we offer flexible ways for students to participate and show learning. Students can choose the pace and place for learning that works best for them and can collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously with their peers, empowering every student to share their thoughts and ideas.

  • Students can view and interact with content from either the front-of-room display or on their individual devices to best suit their needs and learning preferences.
  • Instant Brainstorming with Shout It Out and Whole Class Whiteboard activities provide all students in the classroom an equal voice in class discussions.

Quality tools for a more accessible classroom

SMART RX series

Our one-of-a-kind powerhouse display, built to evolve around your needs, the RX Series is the only interactive display that offers easy-to-grip user-programmable tools to help you support inclusive classrooms.


Our award-winning digital learning software that helps all learners participate academically and connect and learn with their peers, in class or at home, all from their student devices.

Electric Height-Adjustable Stand

This stand provides an ADA-compliant, V-style mobile base that helps all users, including those in wheelchairs, access their interactive display.

Every learner matters.

That’s why accessibility matters. We’re proud to be on this journey with so many wonderful educators, parents, and advocates around the globe.
To learn more about accessibility at SMART, download our brochure on building a more inclusive classroom.