SMART Board GX-V2/V3

Learn the ins-and-outs of your SMART GX-V2/V3 in four easy steps

How do I get started?

Simply pick one tile from each tab below to try out, and you’ll be a pro in no time!
Come back and try new tiles when you’re ready for more.

  • A circular image with a gear icon in the center.

    1. Personalize

  • A circular image with a finger pointing upwards towards a display.

    2. Interact

  • An image of a circle with a person gesturing towards a screen.

    3. Deliver

  • A graphic of a circle with two browser tabs displayed.

    4. Connect

Step 1


Make the board your own.

Icon of a small gear or cogwheel symbol specifically used to represent personalizing settings.

Personalize your settings

Configure your board’s setting just the way you like them.

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An icon symbolizing customization and personalization.

Make the board your own

Personalize your display's background with a custom image.

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An icon representing signing in to Cloud Drive.

Sign in to Cloud Drive

Connect your Google or Microsoft account to sync your files for easy access.

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Step 2


Tools at your fingertips.

An icon representing a whiteboard.

Start with a whiteboard

Let the whiteboard space expand with your ideas.

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An icon representing adding images and PDFs.

Add images and pdfs

Make your mark! Add notes to images or PDFs.

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An icon representing saving and exporting.

Save and export

Easily continue from where you left off!

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An icon symbolizing a palette.

Ignite engagement with Palette

Bring student creativity to life with a digital canvas.

Step 3


Facilitate a lesson untethered.

An icon representing screen sharing.

Share a screen

Share content wirelessly.

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An icon representing recording lessons.

Record lessons

Record and save a lesson to increase learning options for your students.

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An icon representing splitting the screen. The icon depicts a divided display, with two sections side by side.

Split your screen

Interact with two apps simultaneously.

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An icon representing using a separate input alongside apps on the display. The icon features a rectangular display with an additional smaller screen overlaying it, indicating a picture-in-picture effect.

Use a separate input alongside the apps on your display

Increase engagement with the picture in picture widget.

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Step 4


Make your computer an interactive touch screen by connecting it to your board.

An icon representing SMART Ink.


Powerful writing and drawing tools at your fingertips. Write or draw over any app at any time.

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An icon representing SMART Notebook.

SMART Notebook

Subscription-free software designed especially for use with a SMART interactive display.

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Alt text: "An icon representing Lumio.


Transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their devices, wherever they are.

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