SMART Notebook training

Learn the ins-and-outs in five easy steps. It's easier than you think!

This menu’s meant to be flexible. You don’t have to use every tool. Just use the tools that work for your students. To start exploring, select one tile from each step. Come back when you’re ready to try something new.

  1. Create interactive lessons–the potential for creativity is endless.

  2. Enhance your lessons with active learning tools. 

  3. Engage your students with hands-on learning opportunities.

  4. Deliver supercharged lessons.

  5. Share!

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1. Create

Choose how to start building a lesson or resource

Build a lesson

Lesson creation for an interactive classroom.

Add images

A picture is worth a thousand words! Add powerful visuals.

Add text and shapes

Quickly add shapes and text to create interactive lesson components.

2. Enhance

Add interactivity to enhance the lesson

Create a game-based activity

Create an engaging game-based activity in five minutes or less.

Create an assessment

Assessments made easy: knowing your students is now simpler than ever!

Add a video

Show your students the world! Watch videos without commercials.

3. Engage

Encourage student participation and engagment

Use Infinite cloners

Turn digital images into manipulatives. The possibilities are endless!

Add a widget

Use widgets to add fun interactive tools to any lesson.

Add hyperlinks

Explore beyond the classroom using links to supplement your lesson.

Use the pen tools

Write or draw with digital ink. Make learning visual with a variety of pens.

4. Deliver

Facilitate a lesson

Use dual page mode

See and interact with two pages at once.

Add a screen shade

Reveal only what you want your students to see to add a little curiosity in your lessons.

Add a game element

Add fun game elements to any interactive activity to increase student engagement.

5. Share

Share the lesson you've created with students and colleagues.

Share with teachers

Work smarter, not harder - the more we share, the more we have!

Share with students

Put interactive lessons, notes, and activities in your students' hands, in or out of class.

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