The Calgary Board of Education welcomes international education partners from the Balearic Islands to take part in collaborative training and showcase classroom tech

Educators from the Balearic Islands participating in technology training at the Calgary Board of Education.

The Calgary Board of Education recently hosted delegates from the Balearic Islands, providing Canadian and Spanish educators with an opportunity to engage in collaborative training and experience SMART products firsthand before implementing them in their own schools.

This visit was aimed at promoting teacher tech adoption and showcase the immense potential that technology provides in enhancing classroom education.

Mahogany School, a technologically advanced elementary school that opened its doors in 2022, was among the schools involved in this visit.

Mahogany School is an innovative elementary school that focuses on building digital classrooms. They have equipped every classroom with a SMART Board as well as digital tools and devices to support their learning. The school emphasizes collaboration among teachers to enhance the educational experience for students. With a focus on sharing, collaboration, and teamwork, Mahogany School is dedicated to the continuous improvement of teaching practices for the benefit of their students.

In the spirit of collaboration, Mahogany School welcomed Spanish Educators from the Balearic Islands into their classrooms to experience the advanced classroom technology firsthand. The purpose of this interaction was to familiarize the Spanish educators with the technology before its implementation in their own schools. This exchange of ideas and experiences allowed the educators to gain valuable insights and establish connections that extend beyond the visit.

The Calgary Board of Education is honored to have hosted delegates from the Balearic Islands, connecting educators from around the world and showcasing the integration of technology within their schools. The CBE recognizes the significance of collaborative tools to support personalized and accessible learning, empower students and teachers and get students engaged in learning.

The Calgary Board of Education recently welcomed 20+ educators from the Balearic Islands to take part in collaborative training prior to their tech investments. The CBE has been a longtime supporter and advocator of interactive classroom technology and SMART. This cross-cultural collaboration brought many ideas, inspirations, connections and opportunities to the educators of CBE and the Balearic islands.

Transforming education through technology

Teachers from the Balearic Islands were captivated by the cultural differences they observed in Canadian classrooms and acknowledged that "another kind of learning is possible" with the aid of technology and engaging teaching tools.

Canadian teachers utilize classroom technology to deliver lessons, facilitate collaboration, conduct formative and summative assessments, and more, in almost every lesson. Technology is the backbone of their instruction.

Spanish teachers were not the only ones that took part in learning. Canadian educators were able to engage and connect with Spanish educators to continue learning and collaboration, long after the visit concluded.

Tech & training: the solution to teacher adoption

The Calgary Board of Education and Spanish Educators from the Balearic Islands collaborated to showcase training and classroom technology. This demonstrates the potential of technology in modern education. Educators from Calgary and the Balearic Islands are embracing interactive tech, including SMART Displays, and fostering collaboration which enhances the learning experience for students and creates a brighter future.

SMART takes pride in supporting the Calgary Board of Education and schools in the Balearic Islands with technology that makes a significant difference to both teachers and students. Alongside providing innovative classroom tools, SMART offers comprehensive training and support, empowering educators to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

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