Mobile and Wall Stands

SMART Electric Height-Adjustable Stands

Add industry-leading height adjustment to any SMART Board® display up to 86" (218 cm). Both mobile and wall stand options include numerous safety and convenience features such as height-adjustment safety stop, dual column design for stability and a rear cabinet for cable storage.

Mobile Stand: Create collaborative learning spaces anywhere teachers need to activate learning.
Wall Stand: Transfer weight of the display to the floor to avoid expensive wall reinforcement.

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NOTE: Suitable for all SMART Board displays.

*Available in North America and EMEA only

mobile stand

SMART Manual Height-Adjustable Mobile Cabinet Stand

This mobile floor stand is height adjustable by 15" (38 cm), and includes integrated speakers, a locking cabinet to secure equipment, casters that swivel and lock for easy movement, and a cabling and power-distribution system for the display and connected accessories.

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NOTE: Suitable for all SMART Board interactive displays.