Spark Your Winter Break with Professional Growth from SMART Academy

An educator partaking in online training with snowflake graphics around. Text overlays the image reading “SMART Academy.”

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the opportunity to take part in professional growth is delightful! Seize the opportunity this winter break to elevate your teaching prowess with SMART Academy. Amidst the festivities and winter wonder, delve into a world of professional development designed to invigorate your teaching approach.

At SMART Academy, we recognize the pivotal role technology plays in modern classrooms. These tools transcend traditional teaching methods, fostering active learning environments where students become active participants in their education journey. But often, learning and mastering these tools becomes a burden to teachers. Teachers don’t need another tool to learn, they need something that will meet them where they are.

With our on-demand courses, we aim to empower educators like you to harness the full potential of SMART Interactive Displays to craft engaging, interactive, and immersive learning experiences, when and where it fits best for you.

The beauty of SMART Academy lies in its flexibility. You have the autonomy to tailor your professional development journey according to your schedule and preferences. Engage in a diverse range of courses that cater to various skill levels and teaching styles. Whether you're a beginner seeking to master the basics or a seasoned professional looking to delve into advanced functionalities, SMART Academy offers a plethora of courses to suit your needs.

Our self-paced courses are meticulously curated to facilitate seamless integration of SMART Interactive Displays into your teaching methodology. From mastering the technical aspects of the display to exploring innovative strategies for student engagement, each course is crafted to align with your teaching and learning goals. Here are a few courses you can look forward to:


Upon completion of these courses earns you professional development credits, badges, and certificates, acknowledging your commitment to continuous growth and excellence in education. We know how much our educators love their badges.

The courses offered at SMART Academy are more than just technical tutorials. They're gateways to unlocking a world where learning becomes a captivating experience. Imagine your classroom buzzing with excitement as students actively participate in lessons, collaborate effortlessly, and engage with content in ways that foster deeper understanding and retention.

By honing your skills through SMART Academy, you're not just enhancing your proficiency with interactive displays; you're transforming your classroom into a hub of active learning. You'll discover innovative ways to incorporate multimedia resources, gamification elements, and collaborative tools that resonate with the digital-native generation, making learning an immersive adventure.

At the heart of it all, our mission is to empower you, the educators, to focus on what matters most: your students. By elevating your teaching experience through SMART Academy, you'll gain the confidence and expertise to create impactful learning experiences that inspire and empower young minds.

Join us at SMART Academy this winter break and embark on a journey of professional growth that transcends the ordinary. Let's make this break a season of learning, so you can step into the classroom this new year with fresh and creative ideas.

Make your winter break count! Dive into SMART Academy's courses and discover a whole new world of teaching possibilities.