Technology's Role In Social And Emotional Learning: Back-To-School Educator Series Post #2

Two students collaborate on their devices during a lesson.

The Importance Of Mental Well-Being

This year more than any other made me realize that students’ mental health is just as (if not more) important than their grades. Technology doesn't immediately make people think of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), but it has so much potential to support students both emotionally and academically. Previously when I co-planned with teachers, we often focused on using technology for enrichment. Now, my goal is to ensure all lessons and professional learning sessions I offer not only show the learning and engagement abilities but also to SEL and digital and global citizenship opportunities that technology helps create. 

Taking Deeper Dives

This year, I'm diving deeper into flipped learning and student choice boards. While these two strategies have been around for a while, there's been a lot more research into the benefits of offering students the flexibility to be successful. I love the idea of students being able to use their home time to take in and process the lesson, and then return to school where they can either ask the questions they have about the lesson or begin engaging in demonstrating their learning.

Giving students the time to process and think about what they're learning and the autonomy to demonstrate what they know in their own way is crucial - especially after all we've learned over the past year.

A New Initiative For More Connected Learning

This year, we're opening up a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network for K-12 students. I'm excited about the opportunities that this will create for connecting both in-person and remotely!

I'm looking forward to helping students and teachers achieve learning goals using technology. There are so many tools available that allow students to work collaboratively and exchange ideas on a global level.

Big thanks to SMART Ambassador Sarah for this blog post. Check out the first post in this back-to-school series HERE.