Enabling special education schools by elevating student voice

ALP Schools' integration of SMART products to increase opportunities for learners

In a world where every student's voice deserves to be heard, ALP Schools stand as a testament to the promise that digital accessibility provides. ALP Schools, spanning across the UK, are fully dedicated to elevating special education and individualising the learning experience.  The organisation recently embarked on a remarkable transformation by integrating SMART Solutions into their classrooms to increase student opportunities.

The school leaders set off on a mission to create flexible, differentiated instruction for children and young people who may be unable to access traditional education. This technology advancement aims to enrich learning for students with specialist needs, fostering a more inclusive and engaging experience.

Selecting the right tool to connect learners and educators

ALP Schools understood that their choice of technology would make all the difference in creating an inclusive environment. After careful evaluation, they chose SMART Interactive Displays as the cornerstone of their educational approach across all five of their schools. With their attention and commitment to accessibility, SMART Boards proved the perfect fit for ALP Schools' diverse student body.

In addition to SMART boards, ALP Schools invested in adjustable height stands, ensuring that every student, regardless of age or physical ability, could fully engage with the technology.

This commitment to accessibility wasn't just a checkbox—it was a reflection of their dedication to meeting the individual needs of every learner.

Enabling student voice and increasing opportunities

At the heart of ALP Schools' adoption of SMART tools was a commitment to enhancing the educational journey for students requiring specialist support. Rather than focusing solely on the technology itself, the spotlight shifted to the school's unwavering dedication to accessibility and inclusion in the classroom.

The SMART Board and Tool Explorer emerged as integral tools to empower students to exercise their voices and participate actively in their learning journey. Through interactive activities and kinesthetic learning experiences, students found a newfound confidence in expressing themselves and engaging with their education.

Students that may be more reserved when partaking in classroom activities began jumping up and interacting with the board. Apprehensive writers picked up the pens and began drawing on the display intuitively. The interactive nature of the display encourages students to step outside their comfort zones and immerse themselves in learning.

ALP Schools needed an adaptable solution that would support students' needs in the moment. SMART Boards are packed with a variety of digital learning tools including digital ink, widgets and manipulatives, helping students who struggle with traditional writing methods. This seamless integration of technology not only removed barriers but also ignited a passion for learning among students who had previously felt marginalised.

Support from integration to implementation

The seamless integration of SMART within ALP Schools was more than just a technological upgrade—it was a testament to our commitment to supporting educators every step of the way. From initial installation to ongoing implementation, SMART provided comprehensive training and assistance, ensuring that educators could leverage these tools effectively to enhance learning opportunities for their students.

Through programs like Remote Management, educators could efficiently manage and update SMART Boards, freeing up more time to focus on student support. This comprehensive support system underscored the transformative impact that thoughtful integration of technology can have on special education environments.

ALP Schools proves that through innovation, harnessing technology and purposeful classroom design, educators can empower inclusion in education and amplify student voices in the classroom. By embracing interactive technology and leveraging them to their fullest potential, special education schools can open new pathways for learning, inclusivity, and engagement, paving the way for a brighter future for all learners.

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