Technology, Education & Personal Growth on the Mind Body Podcast

Growing up today is vastly different thanks to a world rapidly changing. Technology and social media are making a mark from the ways kids shape their identity to the way kids interact and much more. The changes are inevitably affecting the educational system as well.

SMART Technologies Education Strategists, Katie Novak and Kris Astle, joined Maria Angelova on The Mind Body Podcast to dive into the questions that are on educators, parents and leaders minds:

  • Where are the gaps and opportunities in the education system today?
  • How can brain science and technology be leveraged to optimize the educational and personal growth for students ?
  • How can you have authentic conversations to benefit student wellbeing?
  • How can the class experience be one of psychological safety providing opportunities for growth?
  • What practical ideas can teachers implement in class to bring calm and fun into the classroom?
  • How do we advocate for teacher wellness?

Tune in to this great conversation with Katie Novak and Kris Astle, who believe in the power of education and technology to raise healthy kids.