Two SMART Board interactive displays mounted on SMART Electric Height-Adjustable Stands, showcasing their versatility and adaptability for different learning environments.

SMART electric height-adjustable stands

Add flexibility and mobility to your installations. Suitable for all sizes of SMART interactive display, SMART stands are fully UL listed for robust standards for safety and stability you can rely on.

SMART electric height-adjustable stands

Industry-leading height adjustment to support a variety of learning and collaboration environments.
A white mobile stand with a power bar and locking rear cabinet for secure storage and transportation of cables and accessories, designed for creating flexible learning environments.

Mobile stand

Create collaborative learning spaces anywhere teachers need to activate learning. Includes power bar and locking rear cabinet for safe storage and transportation of cables and accessories.

A white SMART wall stand with a height-adjustable mount and a power strip, engineered to transfer the weight of a display to the floor, which mitigates the need for wall reinforcement.

Wall stand

Make installation easier. SMART’s height-adjustable wall mount transfers the weight of the display to the floor to avoid expensive wall reinforcement.

Add-on laptop shelf, handles, and cord hook available.

Model availability may vary by region
Robust and compact mobile stand for interactive SMART displays, ensuring safe and flexible positioning.

SMART heavy-duty mobile stand for interactive displays

An easy-to-assemble stand with a robust, compact design that reduces tripping hazards. An ideal partner to an interactive display in a classroom or an office environment.

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