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The SMART Board GX Zero interactive display for education, paired with an open laptop, demonstrating the connectivity options for teaching.

SMART Board GX Zero

You bring the lessons, we bring the interactivity

Talk about plug and play! Just connect your laptop and transform lessons into an interactive learning journey.

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Transform any laptop lesson with just one cable

The SMART Board® GX Zero is the cost-effective, OS-free way to bring interactivity to the classroom. Backed by SMART’s robust quality standards, the GX Zero boosts student engagement like never before.

The plug-and-play display. The GX Zero interactive display provides everything you need to get started with interactivity. Simply connect a laptop or create an all-in-one solution when you plug in one of SMART’s OPS modules (Windows 11 or Android 13 with Google EDLA available). Plus, you get the added value, security, and reliability of an established EdTech partner in SMART Technologies.

Available in 65”, 75”, 86”

An image depicting a laptop connected to a SMART Board GX Zero with a single cable, displaying a presentation on the Pyramids of Giza, illustrating the simplicity of setting up and integrating technology in a classroom setting.

Interactivity made easy

One cable. One laptop. A world of possibilities

It’s easy to work with and easy to love. Student engagement and seamless integration is easy: all it takes is one cable and any laptop or SMART OPS module, and you’re good to go.

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A group of students actively engages with a SMART Board in a library setting, collaboratively interacting with an educational program displayed on the screen, illustrating the multi-user experience feature of the device.

Collaboration at its finest

A true multi-user experience

With 40 points of interaction for Windows, 20 for Mac, and 10 for ChromeOS, the GX Zero offers a true multi-user experience for the whole class.

SMART displays offer the ONLY interactive experience that allows multiple people to write, move, and erase at the same time.

A SMART Board display showcases the SMART Ink software, with tools for writing, drawing, and annotating over a colorful educational presentation, demonstrating the software's functionality for interactive learning.


Write, draw, and annotate freely

We’ve taken the headache out of annotating on a display. Only SMART Ink lets teachers pick up a pen and write directly onto presentations, photos, and files without freezing the screen or blocking navigation with an overlay.

An interactive SMART Board display running SMART Notebook software with an open lesson on the solar system, illustrating the educational software's compatibility and ease of use with the display.

Free and compatible with the GX Zero

SMART Notebook

Award-winning desktop software for creating engaging learning experiences with your SMART Board – no subscription required. With SMART Notebook®, delivering exciting lessons and increasing student engagement has never been easier.

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A SMART Board GX Zero series interactive display with a connected OPS module, showcasing Windows desktop interface with vibrant wallpaper.

Computing modules

Make setup even simpler

Want to save even more time? The SMART Board GX Zero can be upgraded with either a Windows 11 or Google-certified OPS module. Transform your display into a computer without the need to connect your laptop.

OPS modules allow teachers to instantly access the files and apps they know and get teaching quickly and easily.

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 An image of the SMART GX Zero interactive display, showcasing various scenes of collaboration and technology use in different settings.

Your established technology partner

Supporting your implementation

Minimise downtime and avoid additional costs. The SMART Board GX Zero includes SMART's equipment warranty, providing peace-of-mind and support benefits.


  • Real-time technical support
  • Customer support teams around the globe
  • Advanced replacement
  • 2-way shipping

SMART Assure Warranty and extended warranty also available – up to 7 years – for the ultimate warranty coverage.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange

Free resource library for teachers

Free with every SMART Board display: access to thousands of games, activities, and teacher-created lesson plans through SMART Exchange®, searchable by subject, year group, and education standards.

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Feel confident about your EdTech investment

Quality that makes the grade

SMART Board displays meet world-leading standards for product safety, warranty coverage, environmental compliance, and regulatory and interoperability standards, using third-party testing, verification, and certificates.

Proven corporate and environmental responsibility

SMART continuously improves environmental sustainability through responsible corporate commitments and sustainable product design. Our interactive displays are designed to minimise power consumption for lower carbon emissions.

Adopt the GX Zero faster

Professional learning

Instructional resources for teachers, schools, and districts.

Implementation support

Get started with our FREE EdTech Assessment Tool

Technical support

Maximise uptime with expert support, tons of resources and access to a community with tips and ideas.

Find the right fit for your classroom

SMART displays with iQ

Ultimate capability, ultimate value

Stands and wall mounts

Flexibility and mobility for your classroom.

SMART accessories

Add capability with the SMART Document Camera and more.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the most cost-effective SMART Board on the market?
    The cost-effective SMART Board GX Zero gives you an interactive experience, plus quality you can trust.
  • What is the advantage of having SMART Ink on your SMART Board GX Zero?
    SMART Ink software allows teachers to write directly into programs and files without freezing the screen, for more fluid instruction.
  • Is the SMART Board GX Zero designed for classroom use?
    The SMART GX Zero is engineered to meet the demands of the classroom, with accelerated life testing for temperature, humidity, voltage, and vibration. It meets all world-leading standards for safety, environmental compliance, regulatory, and interoperability standards, with certificates to prove it in writing.