Fostering A Love Of Learning: Back-To-School Educator Series Post #13

Two elementary students laugh as they work together on a classroom project.

Lessons Learned

The main thing I learned this past year is that with such a crowded curriculum, we as teachers need to create engaging lessons that enable students to gain a deeper understanding and consolidate their learning so they are able to achieve success with the curriculum.

 Lumio has enabled teachers to quickly create lessons that do just that as well as build upon lessons to make them into engaging and interactive units, which in turn will get students changing their mindset towards having a love of learning and not having it as a chore.

Using SMART Monsters In The Classroom

I am going to incorporate the SMART Monsters and their personality traits into class as a way of direct feedback to students when they are learning. I think that using these will help engage the students more in their learning and aid in changing student’s mindset towards learning.

Building Connections 

As a teacher I always look forward to building new relationships with my students. I know through experience that having those solid relationships with students enables them to build a trust with you and you as a teacher can help them strive to be the best learner. Having solid relationships, according to John Hattie, has a great impact on students’ success. I plan on building these relationships with my students while creating an inclusive classroom environment, getting down to their level to speak to them, making mistakes, sharing bits about my life, celebrating successes and above all, listening to them.  

Special thanks to SMART Ambassador Corey Rose for this post! If you are interested in trying Lumio by SMART for yourself, click here to get started for free!