Exploring Interactive Art Experiences: Xico Art Exhibit features the SMART Board

Un adulto y tres estudiantes interactúan con el tablero SMART  al mismo tiempo para crear una Mandala digital.

In the vibrant city of Mexico City, an extraordinary art event recently took place, showcasing the boundless creativity and cultural significance of the Mexican art scene. The "Xico" Art Exhibit, a celebration of artistry and innovation, captivated visitors with its fusion of traditional art and modern interactive technology.

The event's highlight was the use of SMART Boards, which brought a new level of engagement and excitement to the art world. Keep reading as we’ll delve into the fascinating journey of the Xico Art Exhibit, exploring how SMART Boards redefined the way people, including students and teachers, interact with art.

Xico is all around

"Xico" is more than just a name; it represents the essence of Mexico's cultural heritage. The exhibit featured artwork inspired by a popular toy, viewed not just as playthings but as genuine pieces of art. In fact, this inspiration was so profound that it even served as the basis for a Pixar movie; El camino de Xico. The artist behind Xico, Christina Pineda, has a significant presence in Mexico, with a thriving shop and international representation across various countries.

The Xico Art Exhibit saw tremendous support from schools, with 32 organized field trips in the two weeks leading up to the launch. The artwork displayed included statues, statuettes, recycled arts, and creations made from scrap metal and leftover electronic components. As anticipation built up, visitors eagerly awaited a sneak peek into the exhibit.

Launch day had arrived, and the interactive element took center stage with the SMART Board. Christina Pineda, the mind behind this interactive art experience, carefully selected colors and involved children in the decision-making process. The SMART Board presented an impressive 3D drawing of Xico, captivating everyone who witnessed it.

The inauguration drew an audience consisting mostly of adults and children, proving that interactive technology appeals to all age groups. The Ambassador of Italy was among those who interacted with the mandala, spending five minutes at the SMART Board and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Adults and children alike found immense joy in engaging with the interactive art installation.

Why does it need to be interactive?

The technology behind the SMART Board is simple, yet its potential is vast. Artist Pineda marveled at how easily children picked up their pens and started writing intuitively. With only two simple instructions, students set their creativity in motion. The intuitive nature of the SMART Board made it effortless for both kids and adults to dive into the art-making process.

The interactive aspect of the SMART Board allowed six kids, ranging from a 3-years-old to a 13-years-old, to collaborate together on a mandala art piece at once. Even press members spent a significant amount of time at the board, completing their mandalas. The SMART Board proved to be a tool that anyone could walk up and use, despite initial hesitations from some who may have felt intimidated by the technology.

As the event progressed, participants walked away with a newfound appreciation for the fusion of interactive technology and art. QR codes allowed people to scan and preserve their creations, and parents enthusiastically captured their children's experiences on video and in pictures.

Looking ahead towards the future of Arts & Culture

The success of the Xico Art Exhibit has opened up exciting possibilities for the future. The SMART Board's potential reaches far beyond schools, as it can revolutionize cultural events, retail spaces, and museums. It presents a unique opportunity to transform old-fashioned museums into interactive learning centers, where visitors can delve deeper into the history and context of art through augmented reality and artificial intelligence, and see themselves in art and culture.

The Xico Art Exhibit, with its SMART Board interactive art element, has left an indelible mark on the Mexican art scene. This innovative fusion of traditional art and interactive technology has unleashed a new era of engaging with art, bringing joy and wonder to both children and adults. As the world looks towards the future of education and cultural experiences, interactive technology like the SMART Board will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the artistic landscape.

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