How to build a robot. The future of the workplace - and education - at Amtech Career Academy

Why EdTech matters more than ever - the future of career and technical education

The age of automation is upon us. With more and more examples of robots and AI in our everyday lives - and workplaces - it’s critical that schools equip students with STEM skills that will prepare them for the evolution of the modern workplace.

The consulting firm McKinsey reported that they surveyed more than 800 global executives in July 2020. “Two-thirds said they were stepping up investment in automation and AI either somewhat or significantly.”

Similarly, the chief executive for Blue Prism, a robotics firm, told the New York Times that he “sees a future in which humans will collaborate side-by-side with teams of digital employees.”

Market predictions like these are why SMART is committed to developing content for educators in robotics education. Part of the way we’re doing that? Partnering with incredible organizations like EZ-Robot to create free Lumio lessons teachers can use to implement STEM curriculum in their classrooms with ease.

Robotics competitions display active learning at its finest

Lucky for us, we got to see evidence of this learning happen live last Saturday in Texas at AmTech Career Academy’s robotics competition.

Students competed in the 3,500 square foot drone and robotics coliseum on the AmTech campus. These students represent the essence of true active learning, applying their knowledge in real, practical ways.

It’s why SMART is so excited to team up with the crew at AmTech to produce content that future robotics champions will use to build their knowledge and skills in the field.

AmTech is a brand new, state-of-the-art career and technical high school in Amarillo, Texas. Students at the high school get to choose courses from 28 different career pathways (think: engineering, robotics, computer programming, architecture, marketing, culinary arts, and more).

Career and technical education (CTE) high schools represent the epitome of active learning. By putting learning into real-world contexts, students develop incredible leadership, goal-setting, collaboration, and workplace skills.

The benefits of CTE schools, or even CTE initiatives within traditional school settings, has been well-documented. CTE programs boast higher graduation rates and fewer behavior issues. They also appeal to at-risk or struggling students more than a liberal arts approach to education.

The community connections that CTE schools and programs are able to establish are second to none. Mentorships with local business and professionals make student learning even more relevant and sometimes lead to internship or job opportunities.

Lumio to provide access to robotics content for all students, everywhere

We’ve partnered with EZ-Robot to create free content, available in Lumio, ready for you to try today!

Plus, AmTech is ready to share what has worked for their robotics teams with the world, making good on their mantra of “all who enter will learn.” They’ll be releasing robotics activities and lessons for teachers and students to access for free.

You can check back here for that content when it’s available.

Until then, explore the EZ-Robot lessons we have ready for you today in Lumio. They’re a great starting point for robotics in any classroom.