Banning meetings isn't the answer to improved productivity

A group of professionals collaborating during a corporate training session

Management teams are always looking for creative ways to bring that figure down, or, at the very least, make sure meetings are as efficient and productive as possible. One of the more controversial policies, which is being adopted more and more frequently, is cancelling meetings altogether.

Shopify, the global e-commerce company, has been the latest to announce its plans to curb time-wasting in meetings, by cancelling all recurring meetings with more than two people. The Canadian business has also banned all meetings on Wednesdays and is encouraging staff to decline meeting invitations that aren’t valuable. Along with Shopify, Facebook has “no-meeting Wednesdays”, while Amazon introduced the two-pizza rule, where all meetings should be small enough that participants can be fed with two pizzas.

In this recent piece from Charlie Levitton, Channel Manager at SMART Technologies, Charlie challenges the idea of banning meetings entirely, as collaboration and company culture rely on them. Find out more about how meetings can increase efficiency and productivity, and ensure alignment across teams, when you have the right tech and procedures in place.