Get SMART: Interactive whiteboard gives providers dynamic tool for engagement and socialising

A resident at a senior care facility, along with her aid, using a star shape stamp on an interactive whiteboard, with an image of a map of the United States on it.

The whiteboard tool we’ve come to depend on in the classroom, the SMART Board, is now making inroads with senior living and care settings. But rather than being forced to relearn basic arithmetic, older adults are using this tech to enhance their health and wellbeing, developers said.

We at SMART are making strides in the world of senior care. We recently announced a new pilot programme with content partners LifeLoop earlier this month, which includes research and trials in Colorado, Australia, and Spain.

The interactive wall display can be used within senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities in several ways, from education to entertainment.

Activities could range from providing an interactive lunch menu to letting residents “feed fish” as the whiteboard turns into a virtual aquarium, SMART executives recently explained to the McKnight’s Tech Daily.

Discover early insights and experience the partnership by reading the full news story on McKnight’s Senior Living: