Lumio announces new plan to "Spark" collaboration

Graphic showing two teachers with text that reads “Announcing a new plan: Lumio Spark”

Lumio is pleased to announce an expansion of our web-based learning platform, the Spark plan. This additional pricing plan in the Lumio portfolio is tailored to organisations looking to improve their instructional consistency and ensure efficient workflows, all whilst providing teachers the ability to collaborate on content for increased productivity.

"The Spark plan builds on our commitment to listen to feedback and respond to top feature requests," says Dan McMahon, Lumio Vice President of Software. "By adding collaborative tools, shared spaces and seamless learning management system integrations, we're providing a platform that not only brings educators together, but also unburdens teachers so they have more time to focus on what matters – their pupils."

The Spark plan brings new tools like the Organisation Library, a feature that allows administrators to manage shared resources across their school, local authority or organisation. This is designed to promote instructional consistency across different year groups and subjects, and arm educators with easy-to-access approved resources.

In addition, the Spark plan offers Shared Libraries which are dedicated spaces for curating and sharing lessons among educators, saving them time and energy. Spark plan subscribers can create and invite other Lumio users to access and collaborate in their shared library. Teachers can easily utilise lessons and activities that are located in these shared spaces.

Looking ahead to the future, the Spark plan will bring the much-anticipated feature, co-editing, where multiple educators can co-create engaging lessons, leveraging one another’s classroom experiences and providing mentorship opportunities.  Furthermore, integrations with popular learning management systems such as Canvas and Schoology will also be available, streamlining workflows for teachers and administrators alike.

The addition of the Spark plan to Lumio’s portfolio strengthens what is already a robust and flexible, time-saving tool that supports active learning and offers teachers the power to ignite engagement, transform content and gain meaningful insights.

Lumio is dedicated to empowering educators and enhancing learning experiences for every pupil. The Spark plan, along with continuous updates and enhancements, ensures that teachers deliver nothing short of the best learning experiences and foster an environment where learning thrives.