SMART Technologies announces Google EDLA Certification for world-leading interactive displays

Two SMART interactive displays with Android and Google logos representing the embedded Google and Android experience.

The world’s most popular interactive display brand is about to receive a game-changing integration. SMART is pleased to announce that its newest interactive display solutions will feature Google EDLA Certification, with options for Google EDLA Certification across its existing lineup available soon.

These solutions include a new generation of iQ-powered interactive displays for education, coming in 2024, and an appliance-based solution designed to be paired with SMART displays purchased as early as 2015, available this autumn.

Aligned with our industry-leading longevity and ease of use, SMART continues to deliver on our promise of affordable, industry-leading upgradability. For schools and local authorities investing in technology with limited funding, SMART's display options represent a good investment today and for years to come.

“Imagine if the hardware you bought nine years ago worked as well as a brand-new product. As consumers, we don’t expect that from our phones, computers, TVs or displays. As a company whose customers rely on today’s investment for years of classroom instruction, our goal is to raise the bar," said SMART Technologies CEO Nicholas Svensson. “At SMART we are proud to be the only manufacturer with a truly proven commitment to upgradability for our displays, to spare our customers the expense and hassle of replacing obsolete hardware for as long as possible. Unlike other display manufacturers, we ensure there is always a path forward for customers to upgrade their displays.”

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