SMART returns to ISE 2024, showcasing latest interactive displays and partnerships

A view overlooking the city of Barcelona from Park Güell, alongside three SMART Board displays and the Integrated Systems Europe conference logo. Show dates are shown at the bottom - January 30 - February 2, 2024.

SMART Technologies, the inventor of the SMART Board®, presents its newest interactive displays at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, from 30 January to 2 February. Located at booth 2V700 in the Unified Communications and Education Technology Hall, SMART will be showcasing its industry-leading line of displays designed to foster engaging and productive meetings, learning environments, and workspaces.

Prepare for an immersive experience at ISE 2024 with SMART Technologies. Plan your visit and explore the latest innovations in interactive displays:

Witness the unveiling of SMART's latest interactive displays

Excitement surrounds the introduction of three groundbreaking displays. The all-new SMART® Board RX series interactive display and the next-generation SMART® Board MX series interactive display are meticulously crafted for educational settings, boasting unparalleled features that support active learning. Joining them is the next-generation SMART® Board GX series interactive display, offering sustainable and budget-friendly collaboration solutions for both schools and businesses.

Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART Technologies, expresses his pride in unveiling this new generation of displays, pushing the boundaries of interactive technology. "Our commitment to product longevity, upgradability, sustainability, and user-friendly design sets us apart in the market," Svensson states. "We believe in providing unparalleled value, not just through cutting-edge products, but also through dedicated support."

Discover SMART's innovations:

  • The SMART Board RX series is specifically designed with accessibility in mind. This revolutionary display includes SMART’s patented Tool Explorer® technology, seamlessly merging physical and digital learning.
  • MX series (V5) enhances student engagement with 4K high-resolution and up to 40-point touch capabilities.
  • GX Series (V3) offers a sustainable and affordable option with user-friendly tools and SMART Ink desktop software.

Both the SMART Board RX and GX (V3) are available for purchase now, while the highly anticipated MX (V5) is slated for launch later in 2024.

Seamless collaboration and integration

Experience firsthand the seamless collaboration capabilities of SMART displays at the event, showcasing their integration into existing setups to facilitate the free flow of ideas among teams. SMART Ink desktop annotation software, exclusive to SMART interactive displays, allows users to write directly and save changes in original file formats like PDFs and Microsoft Office files.

SMART board displays with iQ are certified for Crestron Connected 2nd generation and seamlessly integrate with the Crestron XiO Cloud Service®, offering powerful integration out of the box for workplace environments. This eliminates the need for additional software, time, or cost. Additionally, SMART interactive displays with iQ integrate seamlessly with certified Microsoft Teams Room solutions provided by Logitech and other options, ensuring a hassle-free setup for users.

Don't miss the chance to explore these incredible features and enhancements at ISE 2024. Visit SMART Technologies and delve into the full press release: