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The better basic display


Connect and engage teams affordably without sacrificing the SMART difference.

SMART GX series delivers reliable interactivity and powerful collaboration tools at an affordable price. An embedded Android system and the simplicity of SMART ink lets you instantly engage teams in ways you’ve only imagined.

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Basically brilliant

Available in 65”, 75”, 86”

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Professional using the SMART Board

Elevate interactivity and collaboration at your workplace.

Touch designed for collaboration

With 20 points of interaction, teams can interact and collaborate with ease. Object awareness means pens write, fingers move, and palms erase automatically, so teams can focus on generating impactful ideas with no technology distractions.

Using SMART Ink

Write anywhere, on any file with


Enjoy SMART Ink®, the industry-leading annotation software built for any connected Windows® or Mac computer that lets users write directly into applications and web browsers. With no overlays, the ink stays even when switching applications.

SMART Ink works fluidly with all major file types such as PDFs and Microsoft Office® files. Move and erase notes and even convert them to text without needing to change pens or turn on new tool settings each time.

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Video conference with the SMART board

Better video conferencing

Engage hybrid teams

SMART GX series works with the SMART Ultra HD Camera 120, Logitech®, Microsoft Teams™, Zoom, Google Meet, and more. You can share screens in these applications and enhance remote collaboration with digital ink and content-delivery tools (like Spotlight) to focus participants’ attention.

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Unlock the power of interactivity at your workplace

Embedded computing with Android 11

All-in-one embedded computing lets you browse the web and share the screen and whiteboard to keep ideas flowing and teams engaged.

Two USB-C ports

Interoperability with leading operating systems and dual USB-C ports – supporting video, audio, and touch – make it easy for participants to interact and share with only one cord.

Faster, louder, clearer

Now better than ever – the GX-V2 features 20 W speakers, Wi-Fi 6, and zero-bonded glass for precise inking and clearer, crisper viewing from every angle.

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with our incredible software options, available to add onto any GX purchase.
SMART Meeting Pro

Unbound workspaces that expand as you add files, links, and markup – even over multiple displays and meetings.

SMART Remote Management

Remotely administer your technology: push updates, run diagnostics, maintain, control, and secure SMART Board displays and other devices from any web browser.

SMART TeamWorks

Engage hybrid teams and launch meetings faster with one touch with an end-to-end meeting solution designed for fast, flexible, and limitless connectivity, collaboration, and engagement.


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Supporting your implementation

SMART GX series includes reliable warranty and support benefits, helping you minimise downtime and avoid additional costs.


  • Real-time technical support
  • Customer support teams around the globe
  • Advanced replacement
  • Two-way shipping

SMART Assure Warranty and extended warranty also available – up to seven years – for the ultimate warranty coverage.


Solutions for any collaborative space

From computing modules to mounting solutions, SMART has all the options you need to design productive and empowering meeting spaces.

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Best-in-class display for high-performance teams.

SMART Podium 624

Make anything interactive.

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