Self-care & mental wellness: Kris Astle of SMART Technologies on the top five self-care practices that improve mental wellness

Students these days are facing challenges that didn’t exist just a short while ago. Whether it be through social media, constantly being connected, and the hurried pace of life today, the pandemic, or the often frightening news, we know that our children are facing unprecedented mental health challenges.

Anxiety, depression, and even suicide are on the rise. As educators, what can we do to raise children who are mentally healthy?

As part of an Interview series, Authority Magazine is speaking with authors, parenting experts and mental health professionals who can share their expertise and advice on raising children who are mentally healthy. SMART Technologies Global Education Strategist and EdShift Podcast host, Kris Astle, was recently featured and shares her top five self-care practices for building mentally healthy students.

“Nourish your bodies and minds. Exercise, nutritious food, sunlight, and laughter all help balance our brain chemicals in healthy ways. Promote them as a family and in ways your child can explore as an individual as they begin to discover who they are and what makes them happy.”

~ Kris Astle
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