How interactive displays are redefining collaboration in the digital age

Beyond AI, invest in workplace solutions that drive collaboration, productivity, and training. Explore transformative technologies for a connected future.

Three professionals engaging in collaborative work on a SMART interactive display.

Amid the growing excitement around the integration of AI-driven tools in workplaces, it's crucial to emphasise that digital transformation encompasses more than just artificial intelligence. The foundation of technology that fosters collaboration and boosts productivity in the workplace is of paramount importance. While AI undoubtedly offers significant potential, it is just one element within a broader spectrum of technological innovations.

Leading companies and organisations across various industries are introducing innovative solutions aimed at nurturing collaboration, supercharging productivity, and elevating the overall workplace experience. These solutions cater to the demands of today's workforce, offering the flexibility and connectivity they expect. It's essential to focus on these valuable workplace solutions and invest in them, even as AI takes centre stage in discussions.

In this recent article on Spiceworks, Gabe Dominguez, the Global Director of Business Solutions at SMART Technologies, explores the pivotal role played by interactive displays and other workplace technologies in enhancing collaboration, training, and productivity. To gain a deeper understanding of how these technologies are shaping the future of work, read Gabe's article on Spiceworks: