How marketers can revolutionise the sales and marketing relationship on The Tech Marketing Podcast

SMART Technologies CCO, Jeff Lowe, pictured with the title ‘The Masters of B2B Marketing.’

Thank you to the Association of National Advertisers and Twogether for hosting SMART Technologies Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Lowe, on The Tech Marketing Podcast.

On the latest episode of The Tech Marketing Podcast, Jeff Lowe speaks about what really happens when you align marketing with sales. SMART Technologies has pioneered the Unified Commercial Engine (UCE) to eliminate silos and ensure marketing and sales work together to grow the business and staff capacity.

It’s so simple, but why is it so scary?

In this episode, Lowe shares insights on how changing 235 people's job titles can make things angsty, how long it took before they knew they hadn’t made a huge mistake, and how SMART made it work in practice. Listen here:

Also, Jeff takes part in a panel discussion on The Masters of B2B Marketing podcast.

Here, you’ll hear from four CMOs from Oracle, Wunderman Thompson, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and of course SMART Technologies, on the actions and strategies that marketers can take when getting CEO buy-in. This can help to answer burning questions like ‘what metrics are meaningful to your executive team?’, ‘how do you measure brand?’, and ‘how do you align sales and marketing?’

Hear about the strategies that Jeff Lowe himself uses to build trust and buy-in with CEOs in the latest episode of The Masters of B2B Marketing podcast: